Flags for Heroes


Flags For Our Heroes celebrates our heroes, living and deceased, in a touching tribute to the people who mean the most to us. Memorial Day weekend a Field of Honor located at Memorial Park shimmers with more American flags fluttering in the gently warming Spring breezes. The flags are sponsored by corporations and individuals who want to honor their heroes.

Each flag bears the name of the sponsor and the sponsor’s hero on a information tag honoring the hero.

The flags fly for a variety of heroes: The men and women who are serving or have served as members of the military. Police Officers. Firefighters. First Responders. Parents. Teachers. Coaches. Mentors. Community Leaders. They fly for all the people who have made a difference in our lives.

Rows of American flags flying in the Spring breeze outline Memorial Park and transform it into a hallowed space to recognize the deceased and thank the living. For some visitors, it is a place of contemplation and for everyone, it becomes a place of reflection for the people have been the heroes in our lives.

The Event will end with a concert sponsored by the Memorial Park Association celebrating 100 Years of the Park’s founding in 1924. The Concert is planned for Memorial Day, May 27th, from 5PM to 8PM.

Flags For Our Heroes Jax is a new event for Rotary Club of Riverside. Find more about our club and its programs at:  https://www.jaxriversiderotary.org

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor and remember the heroes who have made a difference in our lives. We fly American flags in their honor, sponsored by corporations and individuals who want to show their appreciation.


We value sacrifice, inspiration, and honor. Our commitment is to celebrate and remember the heroes who have touched our lives.

Rotary Club of Riverside Jacksonville

We are one of many local Rotary Clubs that believe in

"Service Above Self"

Proceeds from our Flags for Heroes go to many of our club programs and charities such as PedsCare, YMCA Safety Around the Water, Dictionary Giveaways, Jax Children's Christmas Party, Jacksonville Historical Society and many more.....